Teaching philosophy for Circus arts

Professional training

I work alongside future artists, accompanying them within the framework of their professional training courses. My teaching philosophy is comprehensive and brings together both ‘being’ and ‘doing’.

For me the circus artist is first and foremost a player; with risk and the present moment. This demands that they develop their adaptability and agility. And this especially in the context of their professional career, where projects can often be very irregular.

In this context, I suggest considering the apparatus of circus as a game partner.

I invite the young artist to question their role as an interpreter– an independent creator of his apparatus or of his discipline.

To do so, I use the pedagogical tools of body language (AFCMD, Functional Analysis of the Body in Dance), creative development (the Belbin method) and teaching methods which put the learner at the centre of their learning.

My path as an artist and my passion for teaching have brought me to meld teaching methods drawn from clowning, contemporary dance and theatrical art.

Teaching for all levels

Working for the circus school LE FIL d’ARIANE, I offer lessons, workshops, placements and educational projects for all sorts of groups and structures : crèches, schools, hospitals, social centres and correction centres.

I am very interested in using the values that emerge from and through the circus arts without any sort of prejudice. In this sense I consider it very important to be working on projects which involve the accompaniment of disabled people, very young children and people who find themselves excluded from society.