Since 2006, my day to day life has served as a creative source.

Poetry and beauty spring from these moments; but with our vision clouded by habit they often escape us.

Endlessly curious and fascinated by inspired experimentation, I mix circus, dance and theatre and encourage encounters between amateur and professional artists. I question the relationship between spectators and artists in unusual places (wastelands, historical monuments, gardens, theatre halls, roads.) I like to suggest that events be brought onto the stage, and that contemporary pieces be brought to fruition.

When I work, my starting point is inevitably a tender and amused observation of the social behaviour of my counterparts.

Creatively I use a language somewhere between dizzying acrobatics and pas de deux ballet steps.

Never revealing all, I prefer to suggest, a mischievous glance or two from the corners of the lip.

My knowledge allows me to bring together artists from all horizons and disciplines (magicians, circus artists, dancers, comedians, puppeteers and video makers).

2006: Creation & tour « Comme à la maison » up to 2009
2009: Creation & tour « L’œil du voisin » up to 2011
2010: Creation & tour « Je fais souvent ce rêve » up to 2012
2010: « Vue sur cour intérieure » : Special event / journées européennes du patrimoine / Toulon
2011: « Ce qui nous lie#1 »: Concept – show: 1 week / 30 persons amateur & pro / Festival vertical’été
2013: «Le meilleur ami de l’homme»
2014: « Vu d’en haut tout semble plus calme »: Special event / journées européennes du patrimoine / Toulon
2017-2018, « Le loup du dedans » & « Les tangentes »: Short pieces
2018 « Le manège ordinaire » : Académie Fratellini : 7 acrobats et 5 musicians.
2019 : Inauguration de la halle Laissac – Ville de Montpellier. Creation Insitu